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how many carbs a day on keto

We guide you through the process of getting started on a ketogenic diet. What foods to eat, foods to avoid and how to get into ketosis naturally. If you want to get started on a keto diet, begin by reading this post.

vegan keto

Can you live a vegan lifestyle and follow a ketogenic diet? Read our essential guide to vegan keto, including carb limits, protein limits to stay in ketosis and the benefits of a vegan keto diet.

mct vs coconut oil

What is the difference between MCT and coconut oil? Whilst both oils play a role in the ketogenic diet, one has more benefits than the other. Read this article to find out which oil is better, and why.

keto flu symptoms

Let's be clear, it's not really a 'flu', it's a sugar withdrawal. Your body needs to adapt to low carb life and as it goes through the process of removing toxins you can feel a bit off. Here's how to beat the keto flu, or avoid getting the keto flu!

paleo vs keto

Confused about the difference between the paleo vs keto diet? How does the Atkins diet fit in? We break down the differences between paleo v's keto diet, and the atkins diet and modified atkins diet in simple to understand terms.

whats ketosis

Carbohydrates, glucose, insulin and ketogenesis explained. Learn what happens when your body goes into ketosis and how the body metabolizes fat as energy. Why sugar is our bodies enemy, not fat.


exogenous ketones

We discuss exogenous ketone supplements and their ability to assist with weight loss and fat burning when following a ketogenic diet. 

how to get into ketosis in 24 hours

10 tips to get into ketosis fast! Whether you are new to the keto diet or getting back on track we help you get into ketosis in 24 hours and stay in ketosis. 

beta hydroxybutyrate

Learn how exogenous ketones assist with the ketogenic diet. We discuss the benefits of exogenous ketones, as well as the downsides of these keto supplements.


pruvit review

The best selling Pruvit Keto OS Supplements reviewed. Are they worth the cost? Let's take a closer look and find out.

perfect keto review

Is Perfect Keto really the perfect exogenous ketone supplement? We tried it for ourselves to bring you the perfect keto review.

brain octane oil review

We love MCT oil and the health benefits it offers. Read our brain octane oil review to see if this MCT oil lives up to the hype.

sports research mct oil review

Sports Research have 6 different types of MCT oil varieties but there are two clear winners when it comes to the most bang for your buck. Make sure you're buying the right one. 

raspberry ketone reviews

We talk benefits of raspberry ketones whether you're following a ketogenic or not, and break down the keto diet pills Raspberry Ketone Plus. A must read before you buy raspberry ketones.

ketond vs pruvit

We compared Ketond vs Pruvit exogenous ketone supplements. Find out which one is better, but also why we've chosen another keto supplement instead of Pruvit or Ketond. 


aspartame keto

If you think artificial sweeteners are ok, think again, whether you are following a keto diet or not. Read about the risks of artificial sweeteners and be fully informed before you put these chemicals in your body.

keto diet for cancer

Clinical trials have been undertaken using the ketogenic diet as an adjunct therapy for cancer treatment. The results are astounding. Read our research on how the keto diet could protect you from cancer.

butter coffee

Butter coffee, bulletproof coffee or keto coffee bomb. Whatever you like to call it, we explain why you should drink butter coffee, with 5 bulletproof coffee recipes for you to try at home. 

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