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About Jeremy

About Jeremy Stone

Hey it’s Jeremy Stone coming from beautiful Toronto, Canada!

Being a shift worker always struggling with eating out I was always a little overweight. But it wasn’t until one fateful day I was nervously sitting in my doctor’s office that everything changed.

That’s when I realized that all the diets I tried before weren’t the answer and I needed to stop listening to all the “experts”. I was literally dieting my way to being overweight.

Then it hit me. I failed in every diet I tried because it made me miserable. They set me up for failure. I knew I had to try something different. That’s when I tried the Ketogenic Diet.

They key was always having food around to eat even when I was at work. That’s when I discovered Meal Prepping and made sure that I didn’t go back to my old habits.

A year later I lost 50 pounds using the same techniques that I share with my readers using recipes that not help you lose weight, but tastes great!

Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Eat food that gives you a body you love and a life that’s actually worth living!

To continued health and success,

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