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Do Exogenous Ketones Help with Keto Flu?

You are irritable and worn out. You feel dizzy all day, and your body craves for pasta, bread, and lots and lots of sugar. You have just started a ketogenic diet, and instead of experiencing all the amazing effects it offers, you end up just feeling crappy and wanting to quit. But don’t worry, you […]

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What is a Ketone Supplement Drink?

Feeling thirsty for ketones? Want to remain hydrated and induce ketosis at the same time? Ketone supplement drinks might be the answer for you. Ketone supplement drinks have been gaining popularity in recent years. More people are turning to these drinks because of their thirst-quenching and performance-boosting abilities. What exactly are ketone supplement drinks? And […]

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What do Ketone Supplements Do?

With the increasing popularity of the ketogenic diet, more keto-related products are flooding the markets. One of the products receiving a lot of positive attention is exogenous ketone supplements. Exogenous keto supplements claim to provide the benefits of a keto diet without any carb restriction. But how do these ketone supplements work? This article will […]

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