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Best Time to Take MCT Oil – When Should You Take It?

 April 8, 2018

By  Jeremy Stone

When Is The Best Time To Take MCT Oil?

Getting a perfect body shape by shedding body fat requires determination, willpower, and discipline. There are no shortcuts to achieving this end. As you work your heart out to get the desired body shape, it’s prudent that you learn some tricks and tips to help you get there.

Increasing your intake of MCT oil is one thing that can help. However, in everything, timing is essential.

That is why it is important to understanding when it is the best time to take MCT oil to achieve the best results.

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How MCT Oil Works

MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, and palm kernels. It has a shorter carbon chain giving it a different property from ordinary dietary fat. The short nature of the carbon chain makes MCT oil to be metabolized at a faster rate. In this way, it cannot be accumulated as fat. Instead, the oil is burned immediately thus providing a long source of energy which is useful in various situations such as intense training or during periods of fasting.

Limitations of Using MCT Oil

The fast rate of processing the substance makes it necessary for the users to know the best time to take the MCT oil to avoid adverse side effects. The situation arises since intake of MCTs sends them directly to the liver. This property alone makes it dangerous for the following kinds of people to use MCT oil at any given time:

• Those with liver diseases

• Diabetics

• Those with hepatic encephalopathy

Best Times To Take MCT Oil – 3 Scenario’s

First, you can take MCT oil if you have been out of your Ketosis for a while. The oil will enable you to bounce back a little quicker than if you didn’t take it. The best way to go about this is to combine the MCT oil with fasting.

You can decide to skip a meal such as breakfast and in its place take coffee with two spoons of MCT oil. The oil will provide prolonged energy for you to keep active in the course of the fast while ensuring you get a reduction in body fat.

The second situation when to use MCT oil is when you are in a low carb diet. You can replace meals with MCT oil to help with the fat burning process. The MCT oil will replace the energy that the carbs offer while ensuring that no fat is deposited in your body. MCT oil also helps you stay full for longer which will be a big bonus when trying to lose weight.

Finally, MCT Oil is great to use during endurance events since it is burned directly and quickly to produce significant outbursts of energy. You will feel more energetic during those high-intensity athletic performances if you take a few spoons of MCT oil before the event.

What’s The Best MCT Oil To Use?

MCT oil is a great way supplement to take to help you burn fat. If you’re looking for the best time to take MCT oil, there are 3 specific situations when taking it will help you shed the pounds. I recommend taking MCT oil first thing in the morning either by itself or with a drink.

For the best tasting and highest quality MCT Oil, I use BulletProof’s Brain Octane every morning in my coffee.

Jeremy Stone

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