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The main reason why I actually started a keto diet was that all the diets I've had in the past just didn't work out—at all! I tried all sorts of activities and even went as far as literally starving myself throughout the day and have one meal a day—which was Bruncher (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) at 5 in the evening. I lost weight—but not enough—that's for sure but I actually lost a lot of body mass, which meant, I was malnourished. It took a horrible turn until my doctor told me to opt for a healthier way of dieting. Now, I'm totally in love with ketogenic diet. It may be a bit technical and challenging at first but I got passed through most of my diet because of the best keto supplements. I've tried a lot and the best so far that kept me going was the Perfect Keto.

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Everybody has a favorite and this is definitely the one for me—and as far as I've seen, it is also the best for other keto diet lovers like me. Perfect Keto is the best aid in keeping up my diet. It was so effective in keeping my hunger down to a minimum, adds on to a massive boost in energy, and a real side effect suppressor too. It's very affordable and the taste is superb. It gives me everything I need and want and that's why it's been my keto companion for as long as I can remember.

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10 /10
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Limiting myself from carbs was a bit difficult at first. When I was starting, I was told to try out Pruvit KETO-OS. It worked like magic but it cannot answer one of the things that made my day difficult – the dizziness and the hunger. Although it was a great keto supplement, I had to try my options out there and landed me with a few supplements before I tried Perfect Keto.

I bought Chocolate Sea Salt first since I am all goop for anything choco-related. The taste was great! Some of the supplements I've tried made me feel like gagging, but this one made my morning cup of milk an awesome treat I look forward to. Anyway, I was wondering what made Perfect Keto so great and with some research, I found out just why it was a great keto companion.

So, what's in Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto contains naturally occurring ingredients like stevia and natural chocolate and peach flavors. It also contains an exogenous ketone called beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) and a metabolic chemical called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). It has minerals such as magnesium, calcium and citric acid.

What benefits can I get from these ingredients?

Starting with the taste, Perfect Keto uses stevia to add that perfect sweetness to this drink mix. Glucose is the main opponent in a keto diet that's why most keto supplements taste horrible. Stevia is a natural sugar—it’s actually a plant that literally tastes as sweet as sugar when you chew it. It's the advised source of sugar for most diabetics. Added with natural flavors, stevia makes Perfect Keto a drink that won't make you feel guilty for breaking your diet.

With the Perfect Keto, I was able to reach ketosis much easier because it's made with beta-hydroxybutyric acid—I won't say that again so let's stick to BHB. It is the alternative source of glucose for the body. When you have a high-fat-low-carb-diet, your sugar intake is also low and one thing that your brain needs is a source of sugar. When blood sugar is low, the body burns down the fat storage and produces BHB, which serves as the body's food for the brain. Amazing how our body works, doesn't it?

Technically, BHB is the first ketone body released during a keto diet. However, when your body still has carbs to burn, it takes a while for BHB to be produced and that's why we get those dizzy spells or the keto-flu. With Perfect Keto's BHB component, it raises the ketone level from 0.8 to 1.4 mmol. Aside from really suppressing those hateful symptoms, it is also the source of the great energy boost. BHB becomes the food of the body and is one of the reasons why we end up getting that long-lasting source of energy.

Furthermore, Perfect Keto has what we call MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). To simply understand what it does, well it speeds up our metabolism. It burns those carbs real quick and moves on to burning down the fat storage in our body. When we undergo a keto-diet, we don't often get enough MCT to help us in our metabolism—which is vital in achieving a more effective ketosis.

Other ingredients that Perfect Keto has to offer are Magnesium and Calcium. Magnesium helps us in keeping our muscles and nerves healthy and active while calcium strengthens our bones. They also promote normal blood pressure and greatly involved in energy metabolism. So, to better understand:

• Stevia, a natural non-guilty sweetener

• BHB, or beta-hydroxybutyric acid, for energy boost and quick body ketosis

• MCT, or medium chain triglycerides, for quick metabolism for faster fat burning

• Magnesium for healthy muscle and nerve development

• Calcium to keep bones strong and healthy

What else can I get from Perfect Keto?

Alright, so I discussed the ingredients and the benefits of each but altogether, Perfect Keto has some basic effects that make our keto diet much easier. Aside from the wonderful taste, one thing that I loved about Perfect Keto is the obvious boost of energy. It's not like a sugar rush thing where you feel so active now and suddenly plummet to being practically lifeless. The energy boost from Perfect Keto is nice and steady and it kept me going throughout the day.

It also helped me suppress the hunger all the way until brunch. I do eat a light and simple breakfast but that burns up quickly making me feel even hungrier through the day when I was taking other keto supplements. And while the energy boost is great, ketosis is quickly achieved at a faster rate than I anticipated.

As a past Pruvit Keto-OS user, I can guarantee that the effects of Pruvit Keto-OS are top notch but it comes at a really hefty price. And for half the price, Perfect Keto can really deliver just as much as Pruvit Keto-OS does.

Which flavor is better?

I loved the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor but the Peaches and Cream are really to die for. I have both and I drink them interchangeably. I'm certain you will also love the taste of either one of them. You can also opt for the flavorless one and add it to your almond milk or your fruit smoothies too.

Personally, as a chocolate lover, I would go for Chocolate and sea salt. It has that choco milk shake taste with a gentle touch of saltiness that's barely there. Peaches and cream are really nice too, and I love dropping in some berries like raspberries and blueberries with it.

The flavorless one is less talked about because well, it's flavorless. But adding it to high-fat milk, nut milk, coffee or just your typical fruit smoothie would definitely add a kick of flavor.

How often should I take Perfect Keto?

What's great about Perfect Keto is that you can take it as much as three times a day if you are using a full scoop. If you take half a scoop at a time, then you can take Perfect Keto up to six times a day. Here are four ways to drink Perfect Keto:

Pre-workout Drink: Drink before or during your workout to increase energy levels throughout your routine.

On an empty stomach: You can drink it on an empty stomach to give you better drive and improve mental output.

After a high carb meal: Reaching a state of ketosis can be difficult especially if you are having a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. Once you've taken a high carb meal, you can easily reach ketosis with Perfect Keto.

In between meals: You can take Perfect Keto in between meals to improve your metabolism.

Are there considerations that I should remember in taking Perfect Keto?

Although I haven't experienced any problems or side effects with Perfect Keto, I did hear a few who complained about having an upset stomach at the beginning of their Keto Diet. When you are starting your keto diet with Perfect Keto, just use half a scoop. Once you've gotten used to it, you can full dose yourself three times a day at any time in the day.

Some people immediately give up using Perfect Keto because they said it makes them 'go to the bathroom more often'. Be patient because that will pass. Just make sure that you drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. I've never experienced it personally but I know a friend who has and is still having Perfect Keto as his favorite pre-workout booster drink.

What's an exogenous ketone?

You've probably heard this many times especially when doing research about Keto Supplements. BHB is actually an exogenous ketone since it's a ketone body that you literally take in. When your body is burning fats, it produces endogenous ketones that give your body a boost of energy.

They work the same way. The only difference is that endogenous ketones are harder to reach because your body needs to break down the carbs first—and if you have tons of carbs in your body, then you might as well invest on exogenous ketones to help your body cope with your new diet.

How is the flavored Perfect Keto different from the unflavored MCT Oil Powder?

Although all of them contain practically the same ingredients, MCT Oil Powder doesn't have any sweetener and flavoring and it comes better with more MCT Oil Powder. Technically, MCT Oil Powder is much better than the MCT Oil itself because it is more versatile.

MCT Oil tastes absolutely stomach curdling and completely distasteful and the only times you can add them is probably when you prepare your salad. Cooking with MCT Oil can destroy the health benefits entirely so it's best taken in its raw form.

MCT Oil Powder is effectively much better because it can be added in drinks. It is easier to keep it down too. I've tried MCT oil before and just letting it touch my lips made me want to gag. But MCT Oil Powder is easier to swallow and stay in the tummy. Less clean up too because I don't have to deal with any oil residue.

10 /10
Satisfaction Rating

Perfect Keto is a skyrocketing keto diet supplement. In fact, it doesn't just work well with keto diet but with other forms of diet too. It is effective in keeping appetite from going overboard. It reaps great effects with practically little to no side effects at such an affordable cost. With great flavor and great results, this is no wonder people are shifting towards Perfect Keto more than any available ketogenic supplements in the market. And I'm definitely happy I made that choice.

What I Like

  • Great source of energy
  • Strong hunger suppressor
  • Quick and easy state of Ketosis
  • No harmful side effects
  • Little to none Keto-flu symptoms
  • Great Keto diet companion

What I Didn't Like

  • Can cause a laxative effect in the first stages
  • It only comes in three flavors

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