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What is a Ketone Supplement Drink?

Feeling thirsty for ketones? Want to remain hydrated and induce ketosis at the same time? Ketone supplement drinks are there for you.

They have been surreptitiously passed around the gyms in recent years. But now more and more people are turning towards these drinks owning to their thirst-quencher and performance booster abilities. So what are ketone supplement drinks, and why are they becoming more and more popular? Let’s take a look!

What is a ketone supplement drink? It’s a drink that’s mixed with a liquid and a ketone supplement which provides your body with exogenous ketones. Giving your body exogenous ketones helps your body use these products as a source of fuel. You do not necessarily have to be in a state of ketosis to reap the benefits of these drinks. In fact, some people who are far from living a keto lifestyle take these ketone drinks to increase stamina and boost energy.

How can you make your very own ketone supplement drink? Does consuming ketone drink cause side effects? Are these ketone drinks legal? This article answers all your queries.

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Ketone Drinks vs Ketogenic Diet

The first ketone supplement drink was created for the US army to boost the performance of soldiers. Researchers like Dr. Kieran Clarke from Oxford and Dr. Richard Veech from the National Institute of Health/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) were asked to produce a substance that would be tailored to boost the performance of soldiers on the battleground.

Since then the formula has been used in almost every industry from fitness, sports, to wellbeing.

Ketone supplement drinks increase the levels of compounds that are higher in people following a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat diet). Being made from exogenous ketones, ketone supplement drinks provide the same benefits that endogenous ketones offer to your body: increased cognition, performance boosting, fat burning, long-lasting energy, enhanced mental focus, and accelerated weight loss.

Adopting a ketogenic diet is similar to training your body to burn fats- not carbohydrates- for fuel. Unfortunately, maintaining a ketogenic diet is not a quick fix. The body takes time to adapt to the process and the whole approach is frowned upon by those who want a quick result, such as those in the sports industry. That’s where ketone supplement drinks come in, offering fast ketosis.

But, to be clear, these drinks can never be a replacement for the keto diet. Although exogenous ketones are increasing the ketone bodies in your blood, they are never putting your body in the state of ketosis. Simply put, as long as you are taking ketone supplements our body will burn ketones for energy. But as soon as the levels of exogenous ketones in your blood drops, the ‘fat burning magic’ will disappear.

That being said, ketone supplement drinks are perfect to bring someone back into the state of ketosis. For example, when a person has been following a keto diet and has exceeded the carb intake. But they can never be used on a long-term basis to maintain ketosis.

What is the HVMN Ketone Everyone’s been Talking about?

A San Francisco start-up is currently packaging and moving what they call human “superfuel.” HVMN (articulated “human”) says their new beverage can enable you to enhance athletic execution, help vitality, and even upgrade focus. It has 120 calories, no fat, no protein, and no carbs.

The main source of energy in HVMN’s ketone supplement drink is 25 grams of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a compound produced naturally by our bodies during fasting or starvation. It contains what the organization’s officials say is the “fourth macronutrient” – unadulterated ketone ester.

A study published in Cell Metabolism in 2016, showed that the cyclists, taking HVMN, upgraded about 2-3-% in a 30 minutes trial. These improvements were consistent and didn’t require athletes to adapt to a ketogenic diet first. Dr. David Holdsworth has repeatedly emphasized that various world-famous professional athletes have successfully used this ketone supplement drink in international events, which they’ve won.

However, an Australian research team has questioned Holdsworth’s claims saying that performance was impaired in trained athletes after completing a given time lap. They commented that the impairment in performance was associated with gut discomfort and higher perception of effort.

BHB monoester has shown to be providing consistently beneficial results. It has been studied for 15 years, especially in an athletic and soldiering performance context. But in the end, it’s not a gold standard. Hard work will, in the end, produce better results.

Are Ketone Drinks UCI Legal?

Ketones are simply a macronutrient and a source of calories. It isn’t different from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and their role in fueling brain and body. Just like these nutrients, ketones act as to produce calories and fuel the body.

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), during an investigation in 2015, confirmed that ketones were not currently on their prohibited substance or monitoring list. Nick Wojek, head of science and medicine in UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), told in a statement that ketone supplements are not illegal, but athletes must assess the risks associated with using any supplements. The supplements also included those which listed synthetic ketones as an ingredient.

How to Make a Drink?

Drinking ketones is indeed a great way to get into ketosis at a much faster speed. Not very long ago, people were actually scared of drinking ketones since nobody had information about what they were. Moreover, it was difficult to find a trust-worthy source of these supplements.

However, over the last few years, the ketone supplement market has exploded. This has provided people with a lot of safe options to choose from.

If you just type in “exogenous ketones” at any search engine, you will find ketone products sufficient to last a lifetime. You can choose any of these supplements to make a ketone drink at home.

To make a ketone supplement drink at home, you require the following materials:

  • A blender bottle filled with cold water
  • Two scoops of MCT oil (any company of your choice)
  • One scoop of exogenous ketone supplements (any company of your choice)

Water is amazing. Whether you are using sparkling or tap water, this wonderful ingredient is free of carbs. At the same time, it is a great thirst quencher and helps maintain your hydration levels. So make sure to use plenty of it.

Once you have added all the ingredients in the blender, mix them well. This will give you a military-grade ketone drink. Consuming this drink every morning is guaranteed to increase your productivity as well as the physical performance by leaps and bounds.

Before you incorporate this ketone supplement drink in your daily schedule, make sure that you are not suffering from diabetes. This ketone supplement drink has the potential to alter insulin levels which may create issues for the diabetics. So if you are a diabetic, remember to consult with your doctor before using this drink.

Related Questions

Are there side effects to taking ketone drinks?

Initially, the using ketone drinks may cause mild GI upset and bloating, but things will become normal as your body gets acclimatized. As most of the ketone supplement drinks contain high amounts of salts, it is advised to limited salt intake while drinking exogenous ketones.

I work out at night. Will ketone drink prevent me from falling asleep?

There are some keto supplement drinks that contain caffeine in them. If you are drinking supplements that do not contain caffeine, chances are you’ll get improved quality of sleep. Also check out our article on if you can take keto supplements before bed

Are keto supplement drinks artificially flavored or sweetened?

Depends. It’s always better to research a little before using any product. There are some products which are orange flavored, others are artificially sweetened. Always look at the ingredients before buying any ketone supplement.

 Do keto Drinks have a shelf life?

Yes, most of the keto supplement drinks have a shelf life. While most of the ketone supplement drinks have a shelf life of 2 to 3 years, the time duration may slightly vary from company to company.

Do ketone drinks contain any banned substances?

To our knowledge, most of the ketone supplement drinks do not contain any banned ingredient. However, it is always best to check with the governing authority of the region before using these supplements.

When is the best time to take ketone supplement drinks?

As with any other supplement, it is always best to take the drink approximately 15 minutes before engaging in any activity. Most companies recommend taking supplements twice daily for increased results.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone who is always searching for productivity hacks, ketone supplement drink is just the right thing for you. Incorporating these drinks in your everyday schedule will make sure to increase your energy levels and allow you to remain productive throughout the day.

So if all other methods have failed to increase your productivity levels, it is highly advised to give ketone supplement drinks a try. You will certainly not regret it!


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